Self-destruction, a thirst to bleed; my happiness craves misery. Powdered nose, spiral down, dollar bills, head begins to pound. Mental blackouts, palms to floor, relapse, regress, been here before. Crushed violet pills for medicating, heart pulsating, self-sedating. Red flash, rehab, born to lose; loss of control, your psychotic muse. Head above the water, shoved down to drown; sick girl, sad girl, the king is crowned. Mad girl, bad girl, body thrown against the ground girl. I warned you I was trouble, sniffing toxic fumes; scarlet painted knuckles, I cried cause you were doomed. My soul hungry for existence; ruby hands on the gun, oh what have I done? Cautioned you to keep your distance, darling the rush of the game has only begun. Pretty tears rolling off of my cheek, my seeping heart’s a misunderstanding; spiteful words as you teach me how to breathe, exhilaration is so demanding. Charming lies, baby blue cries, you’re the narcotic and I’m the consumer. Diabolic eyes, heart paralyzed,  I’m the dope and you’re the abuser.

6 thoughts on “Destruct

  1. I like this style. You are not attempting to make it pretty. It is ragged yet flowing. It translates your pain to me well. Thank you.

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