3 a.m.

Drenched in pale moonlight my lovely bones shimmer; paranoia, paranoia, fading starlight to a glimmer. The stars possess my skeletons, my ribcage splintered from crave; vile hands chained around my neck, you rape the devil’s slave. You are the fire within my loins, bite the poison off my lips; fallen angel, my sun is eclipsed, lick the venom seeping out of my hips. 3 a.m. red midnight eyes, mutilation, I choke on my tongue; no sleep for the wicked, paralyzed bones, 3 a.m. counting the thorns of a rose. Finding ecstasy in misery and self-inflicted injuries; lying and crying, drinking while driving, glittering like diamonds, overdose and dying. Stuttering across cold empty cement with my inner indecisiveness; sweetness and danger, the pain we resent, monsters of the infamous. Twisting agony so heavenly, your damsel of disaster, diabolical bride; such beauty it dazzled and dizzied me, in the end we’re torched and crucified. Tranquilizing delirium my mind flooded with endorphins; I’ve been here too many times before, but the shadows keep me euphoric. Sitting pretty on my blood-stained thighs, deviancy is my medicine; poetic obsession, love suicide, my species endangered by prozac and lithium. 3 a.m. the soul’s darkest hour; nightfall whore, gory abyss, virgin impure, my rose-scented bower. An abortion of sanity, the raven of rage, hijo de la luna, at a loss to be saved.

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