Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the saddest of them all? Inhale, exhale, veins of blue; plastic and broken, my parallel view. Mirror, mirror, it hurts to breathe. I watch the reflection staring back at me. Harrowing whore, left all alone; one by one, powdered pills down my throat. Mirror, mirror, tell me lies; glamorize the white dust that resurrects my high. Purple bruises, faded scars; 4 a.m, isolation with the stars. Mirror, red mirror, cut open my wrists; tell me I’m pretty as the cold blood drips. Deranged and laughing like everything is fine, hypnotic eyes gaze back as I cry. Mirror, mirror, I fell to my knees; twisting the dagger, I drop down to plead. Tell me I’m happy, say it’s okay; I tremble in my room, blurry vision, watch me fade. Chugging cheap liquor until I am mad; blackout, blackout, in love with being sad. Mirror, tell me, how long have I been down? My scabbed knees are saying I’ve been knocked to the ground. Vandalized body, razor blade hips; my bones are infected, selfish, and sick. Mirror, sad mirror, I’ve shattered your glass; self-destruction, our love could never last. The floor is wet with tears filled with sorrow; mirror, cracked mirror, you won’t see me tomorrow.

35 thoughts on “Parellel

  1. Dear Marina,
    I like this poem. It hooks the readers, especially selfish bones(makes me want to write a poem out of that or based around that) and 4 a.m. isolation with the stars.
    I also like the lay out and design of your website.
    Thank you for sharing your work.


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