The spells you casted were poetry, I choked on your pretty lies; gasping for air to breathe again, close your eyes and I’ll close mine. A prisoner inside your dark garden; you were starving for my innocence. Black rose, I cut you with my thorns; now I swallow your secrets as evidence. Amusing your sinister fantasies, I became your love story of fiction; you pulled my wide-eyed rag doll strings and became my sickest addiction. Strangled by your serpent tongue, virgin blood soils your teeth; Stockholm syndrome, incarcerated heart, I was the prey, vulnerable and weak. A hostage of your warped notions, my ignorance truly was bliss; your ruthless demands, my moonless cult leader, you hit me and it felt like a kiss. Darling you make hating you easy, for you I would’ve laid down and died; unravel my stitches, burning our bridges, tell me, was it all just a lie? You injected your heroin into my veins, fatal poison can taste like honey; dirty puppeteer you were the master of the games, naive little girl, it was all for the money. Fate? You were my deepest mistake; devoured my trust as our memories rust, think of my heart when your hands are cuffed. So close your eyes and I’ll close mine, this is the death of Bonnie and Clyde.

21 thoughts on “Delusion

  1. Dear Marina,
    I like your poem, Delusion. Thank you for liking my poem SBS…, I finished editing the format for now.

    I listen to Korean music sometimes and found a song called Broken Doll. I don’t know Korean but from watching the music video it seemed to be about the doll having its own life outside what its owner wanted it to do. The full name is:
    [MV] MIWOO _ Broken Doll(못난이 인형)
    You might like it. If you don’t or are not interested that is ok too.

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  2. Thank you for liking my post. After reading some of your poems, I just have to say WOW! You have a singularly brilliant talent, young lady. I’ve never before read poetry that was simultaneously so beautiful, yet so hideously truthful to look at. I hope the whole world sees your incredible work someday, soon.

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