Paper Doll

Paper doll, my paper cuts, it’s all a cheap deception; body wrapped in vines, you try to tear out my infection. Pour gasoline on low esteem, there’s fire in your eyes; I burn my throat to breathe you in, so I tell you, tell me lies. Drunk off my tears, baby taste the gloom I swallow. Boy of blue, surrender now, your promises are hollow. In between my blood-stained sheets, hey, can you hear me now? Claw my plastic doll parts, throw my ashes on the ground. Massacre my bones, bruise my skin your shades of blue. Tell me, tell me lies, because I can’t handle the truth. Let’s paint white roses red because you had me at goodbye. I love the way your heart breaks and I hate the reasons why. I hear, I hear sirens as you crawl my stairs to heaven. Til death do us part, my sick phantom of obsession. Lost in broken reveries, amnesia of seduction; paper doll, my paper cuts, the king of her destruction.

16 thoughts on “Paper Doll

  1. Purposefully came back on here to see what have written, ended up blogging myself. A year ago I mentioned I almost rap your writing, there is an excellent lyrist in you. Grab a guitar. I have to say it’s quite nice you aren’t just churning out work but it’s obvious you draw from your own life experiences as they happen. Thanks.

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