Cherries stain my fingertips, shatter my ribs for a breath; choking on apologies as I punch against your chest. Cherry bones, my cherry lips, the devil cut my tongue; shoot me through your veins as I breathe you in my lungs. Beautiful catastrophe, spill your sorrows down my spine; twist your knife of apathy, drink my blood like cherry wine. Take what’s mine, now you’re wasting my time; legs drip, dripping with honey. Squeezing my hips, now you’re making me cry; denial, suicidal, I’m cumming, I’m coming. Bounded by rope and tragedies, writing with blood on my walls; lost my vows of chastity, cherry nose in a bathroom stall. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it; do you like to hurt like me? Put on your disguise, my cherry-popped eyes, for better or for worse, these candy flavored lies. Screaming in my sleep again, torn like the holes in my dress; my serpentine skin, black roses of sin, a prisoner of my cherry-stained mess.

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